Our Story

B•U is an activewear company created to make every woman feel beautiful in her skin. This company was started with you in mind, with the idea that confidence comes from within. Our goal is to encourage everyone to live their best life by committing to a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Tangi is a sports enthusiast with a craving to spread body positivity. Staying active is Tangi’s happy place, with a background of both competitive and collegiate cheerleading. Tangi currently spends her time testing BU Activewear through her own personal workout regimen and during her time as a personal trainer.


Jess is a single mom and self employed personal trainer and fitness coach. Between juggling a little one on her hip and a free weight in hand, she knows a thing or two about what quality activewear should feel like. The ultimate boss lady who represents everything BU stands for.


Founded by two twenty-four year olds eager to share our love for fitness, BU was built on the foundation that breaking a sweat or committing to an active lifestyle doesn’t mean dishing out $200 for comfortable workout attire. Instead, our mission is to create affordable activewear to encourage every mother, daughter, and woman to feel confident in their skin- whether you need a squat- proof legging for picking up the kids or those heavy dumbbells. 

We came together through our passion for fitness but quickly recognized that the motivation to stay fit- waking up before work for a class, or making time between childcare pickup- is tough!! But, could a pair of leggings that make you feel like a million bucks help that? “We sure think so!”

Our entrepreneurial spirits sprout from the need to spread body positivity. We hope your first (and twelfth) BU purchase brings out your inner fitness warrior! And we thank each and every one of you for helping us share this dream with all of you! 

"You will never influence the world by being just like it."